Monday, September 12, 2011

Arts Credit

In reality, I still have one more arts credit to take for school. I sometimes wonder, though, if I'm not already fulfilling an aspect of that requirement; somehow, the beginning of this year is already filled with art projects. Let's take a look at some of the courses I might have accidentally fulfilled:

Nothing says "Wet Floor" like some ResLife construction paper and a stick figure

DR-50: Intro to Film Studies and DR-126: Costume Design
It all started this summer, when my friends and I dressed up for the much-anticipated final "Harry Potter" movie release. Extend that through the "Rise of the Planet of the Apes," an alternate prologue to the series which I viewed with my dad here in Boston just before move-in, and I think I've got at least a half-credit under by belt.

MUS-34: Developments in New Music and MUS-5: Music as Culture
What could be newer and stranger music than the Blue Man Group, who I finally got to see in concert this summer with my dad and brother? Or perhaps Weird Al Yankovic meets the requirement, another first time experience shared with one of my best friends for my birthday. Between the two, surely we have something going.

Blue Man Group in New York

Darth Vader from Weird Al's encore performance of Star Wars songs (The Saga Begins, Yoda)

FAH-40: European Sculpture, REL-5: Intro to the Arts of Asia, and HIST-76: Ancient Egypt
My extensive, day-long trip to the Met could likely be double-counted, as the variety of medium and regional representation in the museum is extensive. In related news, can we please bring back HIST-76? I want to legitimately take that course!

The Met! Note the nice waterworks.

Did one of those...move?

Do you think their beards really looked like that?

Guess what they keep in there. Go ahead, guess.

An Indian relative of Jumbo, Ganesha, holding, among other things, a tasty treat for later (true Tufts student!)

FAMB-97: Intermediate Web Design
The summer wouldn't have been complete without an array of new web projects from ABC Innovations. Our work on Eagle Consulting Partners, Mane Attractions, Outbreath, and Practical Aspects all launched this summer, with additional releases scheduled to finish soon. If there was an "advanced" level, this may have qualified.

Not bad, eh?

FAMB-102: Illustrating Children's Books and DR-31: Computer Assisted Design, 3-D Modeling
As an RA, I selected to theme my floor's door decorations as characters from Pixar movies, spanning everything from Monsters, Inc., to Toy Story, to Wall-E. The Pixar lamp (Luxo Jr.), of course, was reserved for myself.

All 9 movie series represented

FAMB-59: Foundation Painting and FAM-39: Graphic Design
In an effort to boost attendance at the Tufts Mock Trial General Interest Meeting, I designed fliers in my capacity as Officer of External Affairs and Public Relations, and created a banner for the Activities Fair (with Jen's help).

The Banner

The Chalk

The Fliers

FAM-65: Photography and Computer and FAMB-197: A Visual Journal
The former is perhaps the most ridiculous course name of all, but I find that, in having photographed nearly everything I have done thus far and blogged about it via computer, I must qualify for that credit. The result: a visual journal of my artistic enterprises over the last few months.

If all of this doesn't end up being worth any credit, I guess that's alright, too. Who needs college degrees when you can be an artist?

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