Sunday, April 3, 2011

Ticket Stubs

Shabbat at Hillel for the first time in quite a few weeks (thanks to Mock Trial and Spring Break) was lots of fun, although I had to ignore the Rabbi's weekly encouragement to "eat slowly," as I was rushing off to see a performance of Pippin, an odd but ultimately enjoyable musical with a redeeming ending and some pretty cool sets.

The Social Justice Leadership Initiative, a required experience for RAs and other student leaders, took up most the sunny day. Not to fear; the conversations with other students provided first-hand insight into inequity on or off campus, and there were free T-shirts at the end. A hilarious 25th anniversary performance by Tufts' improvisational comedy toupee, Cheap Sox, made for a great evening. Dan (see: Pretzel Night), congrats on making it in, and you're fantastic.

The Boston Beanpot Tufts Campus Bike Race was cool to watch on my way up or down the hill, and the choral concert "Carmina Burana" added some classical culture to the weekend.

Left with just ticket stubs for the time being, I am nonetheless ready for a week of school work. For I know that once that's through, the weekend will be back again.

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