Sunday, September 5, 2010

Food Favs

Eating at a dining hall really forces you to think about what you like, tolerate, and outright despise. With so many buffet choices, and so little room on the plate (dining trays have been eliminated starting this year: it either saves cleaning water and the environment, or it saves Dining Services a few bucks), which foods will make the grade?

My personal favorites from Dewick include:
  • Chocolate milk, sneakily only available at 1 of the 2 drink stations
  • Hot chocolate
  • Pink lemonade, in part because pink is superior, but also because regular is Crystal Light. Which, by the way, should have been named "Crystal Lite." It's sugar free, not illuminating, people!
  • Pasta. Preferably not whole-grain. Chunky veggie tomato sauce to top.
  • Strawberries. They surpass all other fruit in awesomeness, though I did manage to both consume and kidnap bananas today. There is one chillin' in the fridge now.
  • Ice cream, soft-serve variety.
  • Eggs, scrambled. Only because I want the protein.
  • Tofu, fried. See above reasoning.
  • Mushrooms. And peas. Clearly the most lovable of all vegetables.
But wait! I'll bet you don't agree with the above list! You think there are superior fruits, more nutritious veggies, and protein sources that aren't rubbery. Is it true? Then comment below! C'mon, people, I know at least a few of you have Google Accounts, I can see you following the blog. Add your thoughts!


  1. Glad you like the food - u do know the banana u took goes on the refrigerator not in it - it will turn black!
    Did u have the salmon on the menu yesterday? Go for some more protein and different fruits - how's that apple pie they mentioned?
    ♥ Mom

  2. How about fish? String beans, broccoli,asparagus.
    Peas have alot of sugar. Try stuff you haven't had before.
    Love N & Z

  3. Fish is yummy - and yes, I'll agree with stringed beans. As for broccoli and asparagus, they're ALRIGHT, but not nearly as yummy as those items previously mentioned. =)

  4. Mushrooms are great, but broccoli? You don't like it?? Shame :)
    What about oranges or mandarins?
    Happy Eating, Bri!

  5. Broccoli is OKAY. It's not bad, it's just not GREAT. =)

    Oranges are yummy. Mandarins are OKAY.


  6. Beans baby, beans for protein!....Zayda says: Beans , beans the more your eat the more you Toot!

    Aunt Felice


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